Stangl Technik Česko spol. s r. o.  is an end-to-end supplier of building service systems, specifically ventilation and air-conditioning systems, refrigerating and heating systems, sanitary-engineering installations, natural gas distribution systems, fixed firefighting systems, industrial compressed air and technical gas distribution systems, measurement and regulation, including BMS, heavy-current and light-current installations, including LV, MV and HV transformer stations and substations. You can expect integration of all the systems delivered by us into a single functional unit.

We cooperate with clients from both private and public sectors. You will find our installations in all types of buildings, in particular in industrial plants, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and other constructed facilities requiring the above listed installations.

We offer our clients comprehensive services for the whole life-cycle of buildings – from developing the initial draft of a system through its designing to implementation and service throughout the life time of an equipment. When equipment is to reach the end of its useful lifespan, we offer our partners its refurbishing and after the end of equipment’s life also its disassembly and environmentally friendly disposal. That gives us the right to say proudly that we can offer our clients services covering the whole life cycle of their investment.

We offer an experienced and professional team of our colleagues. We hold ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.