Stangl Technik Česko spol. s r. o. is a supplier of heavy-current and light-current electro installations for all types of buildings, including industrial plants.

We offer deliveries and assembly of the following heavy-current and light-current installations:

  • Intelligent buildings/installations
  • Structured cabling systems
  • Optical cabling systems
  • Electronic security signalling, electronic fire signalling and CCTV systems
  • Systems for the monitoring and control of power consumption
  • LED illumination systems (DALI control)
  • HV and LV switchboards, including complete wiring
  • Output of power, including a connecting transformer station
  • Safety systems
  • Standby supplies – UPS, DA

There is a large number of seemingly autonomous units in modern buildings. Every building has its own boiler room or a heat-exchanger plant and a heating system, and also an electric transmission plant, power supply system and a system of artificial illumination. Many modern buildings are equipped with a source of cool and a cooling system. Safety systems are installed in buildings, high demands are placed on the connections to internal networks / the internet, including the sources for efficient costs management for a whole building.

The intelligent building concept sees a building as one technological unit, the systems of which function together in such a manner so that they would provide the required comfort to users with the lowest possible operational costs. This is ensured by integrating all systems into a functional whole supported by the superior Building Management System.