Stangl Technik Česko spol. s r. o.  offers its clients servicing and technical maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, refrigerating and heating systems, sanitary-engineering installations, natural gas distribution systems, fixed firefighting systems, industrial compressed air and technical gas distribution systems, measurement and regulation, including BMS, heavy-current and light-current installations, including LV, MV and HV transformer stations and substations.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for systems we installed ourselves as well as for systems installed by other companies. Service can be provided on a regular or one-off basis.

We also offer our clients the option to sign a contract with us for technical maintenance of buildings. Under this contract, we take care of all the technical equipment installed in a given building. At the same time, we offer technical management of a building. The manager can also perform the “caretaker’s” functions.