Stangl Technik Česko spol. s r. o. is a supplier of measurement and regulation (MaR) systems, including BMS, in all types of buildings.

We offer supply and assembly of MaR switchboards, supply of MaR distributors, MaR regulation systems, including their programming, MaR cable distribution systems, and last but not least MaR terminal elements such as sensors of temperature, pressure or humidity, drives of terminal and regulating elements of mechanical installations, thermoregulators, pressure switches or final stage regulators ensuring a client’s comfort in the serviced space.

All the systems supplied by us are integrated into a single functional unit and displayed in the superior Building Management System. This system can integrate and display not only MaR systems but also low current systems of buildings (electronic security signalling and electronic fire signalling), and furthermore to transmit information from heavy current devices, such as HV, MV or LV transformer stations and substations, illumination systems and last but not least to integrate all the systems of energy measuring and their evaluation.